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I Have Been Sleeping

My mother whispered gently in my ear
She said I should wake up and live
She doesn’t want me to mourn forever
Her sweet voice told me to forgive

I carried anger like a swollen cloud
I often wonder if she would be proud
When she was alive she didn’t approve
My behaviour was unladylike and loud

Sometimes something beautiful fades
Into fresh lilies scattered on her grave
The spirit moves in mysterious ways
These days I do what she says

There’s no cause for what will be will be
When you are struck down and out
When you have been sleeping for a decade
One day you will wake up to the truth

 That catapults you into a myriad of dreams
Dancing where great freedom reigns
It has been a decade and my mother is dead
I have been sleeping but it’s high time to awake


Deal With It | Free Spiritual Reading

It’s all about balance, harmony, and nurturing life-giving water for our thirsty souls. A state of grace where you reach a balance between the spiritual and physical worlds. A peaceful state that can never be attained without deep struggle and intense consideration. You are seeking a union between the conscious and unconscious forces of life. You have to keep dreaming about potential and hope.

If you can’t imagine your future how you want it, how can you possibly create it? It’s time to challenge yourself, take your fantasies and transform them into your living reality. Outlandish daydreams will appear and disappear when you consider them in the light of reality. Dream a little dream and it will become strong and true. Your creativity, love, and beauty are associated with Power.

True power lies in the ability to choose between violence and peace at the right time. Often when we wish to express power it can come across as a reaction rather than an action. Remember that the more powerful a person, the less power they need to use. Your creative endeavours have expanded out into the world.

Your final goal is in sight; however, much work is still required. As great as success can be, it too can come with its own new self-doubts and tensions, which can feel overwhelming to say the least at times. Somebody in authority can help you work through this, but at the end of the day, you need to accept that it is time for you to start leading others.

Bleak Expectations

Everything in its place
Bright lights shine
I am grateful
To take my time
All the while
The same old song
Sweet angel
Be my friend
Here yet again
The world is a poem
The same way in
This world of men

You know what it is
You can see it coming
Where spirit flows
Makes me feel like
Never giving in
Turned face from
Hearts that break
Can you explain
Night sky above
Wonder of nature
Silence a sound of
Bleak expectations

That Time

It’s that time of the month
When my body surrenders
To the beat of a magick drum
In 28 days again it will come
Belly aches blue and black
The pain has me on my back
I am bloated with change
And my head is deranged
From a bout of ‘period brain’
I cannot contain
Exhaustion has
Me in slow motion

Without discrimination
It is something we all know
As the wind blows over
It will come and go
Each time I remember
I am alive and conscious
My womb is fertile
And still able to produce
I am eternal mother
I am woman there is
No telling what I can do
At any time of the month

I may not smile I may snap at ya but
Women bleed it’s the way it goes
Just like the sea moves
In and out with the tide
Pulled by the magnetic
Forces of the sun and moon
There’s something powerful
Inside the this process
12 times a year I can create
I am a different creature
Able to create life
At this time of the month

As Nature Intended

Happiness awaits around
The corner of my existence
Like a dead man
Walking green mile

Hitting milestones then
Losing sight of the plan
Blinded by a vision of
A future self whose

History has left a bitter
Sweet taste in my mouth
Not one of victory
Vibes, or emotions

But the very fibre of me
Yearning to be caressed
Deep on the inside
Where I need to feel safe

Will I let down my guard
Maybe if the water is warm
I may succumb to
Temptation like many

Have done before
My body can be subdued
However my mind
Cannot be contained

It takes a moment for
Kindness to have a voice
One who whispers
Telling me worrying

Tossing turning
Inside a blackness
Terrifies the living
Daylights out of me

Where will I go
Who will I meet
If I stop to read the script
Flipped how Nature intended