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You Da One I Love

loveKeep your eyes peeled
When I’m with you
I feel intoxicated
Maybe things’ll start
Just kiss me again
You’re the one who
I’m thinking of
Come on and let me
Take your hand
Just like the first time
You said you love me
When your heart was
Beating fast and my
Sex was raised
When I was forlorn
Here once again
Every night before we
Finally scheduled
Something more than
Friendship or gratitude

Passion was more indocile
How does your body ache
Someday I’ll return home
To the love we made
Knowing what comes
We are the ocean
Though somewhat abashed
Without you I’m alone
You’re the one holding
The world tonight
There’s more to this than
What we are doing
Take me deep inside
The starlight shimmers
Just between you and me
Let them talk about it
Take your time and dance
You know what I want
Every day since we meet
You are the one I love