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Why I Do It


Why do I do what I do
Some say I waste my time
Soon it will be
My time to shine
I say a dream is a dream
Why would I need
A cure for a simply
Marvellous imagination

Why do I do what I do
For congruent satisfaction
It pays no pounds
But it gives relief
From the noises I so often
Hear inside my head
While lovingly drawing
A smile across my face

Why do I do what I do
I do it for I crave
A therapy that works
Again and again
It feels incredibly good
It is my catharsis
There is more to life
Than show and tell

I do what I do for
I require it like fresh air
I live to create so
I continue to
Keep doing what I do
With this gift of expression
That frees me from
Inner incarceration