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As Nature Intended

Happiness awaits around
The corner of my existence
Like a dead man
Walking green mile

Hitting milestones then
Losing sight of the plan
Blinded by a vision of
A future self whose

History has left a bitter
Sweet taste in my mouth
Not one of victory
Vibes, or emotions

But the very fibre of me
Yearning to be caressed
Deep on the inside
Where I need to feel safe

Will I let down my guard
Maybe if the water is warm
I may succumb to
Temptation like many

Have done before
My body can be subdued
However my mind
Cannot be contained

It takes a moment for
Kindness to have a voice
One who whispers
Telling me worrying

Tossing turning
Inside a blackness
Terrifies the living
Daylights out of me

Where will I go
Who will I meet
If I stop to read the script
Flipped how Nature intended