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Give It A Name

Words tumbling around in my head

An underlying persistent sense of dread

A poem is a poem full of expression

Feelings unsaid lead to depression

If I can’t feel poetry I don’t feel life’s force

Ending silence naturally opens up doors

Survival has a way of making me speak

I’ll stand and shout from the highest peak

Change is inevitable just like the seasons

The unknown exists for many reasons

I am the child who was once afraid of death

Maintaining composure with a single breath

Deep inside my horror show of screams

It was dark for what seemed like forever

I was oh so young and not so clever

Now new life has fallen into my hands

My heart has yearned for distant lands

I am awoken to the voice of my own legacy

To pass on what I know with diplomacy

I am a leader in my own right

Unless provoked I need not fight

The world needs human kindness

It’s the only way to fix this madness

Left behind by the atrocities of the past

What the terrors of slavery have left to last

Look at what is happening to our youth

Locked up for simply telling their truth

There isn’t anyone to listen

In a psychotic break or a stay in prison

Judged and labelled with pathology

They need empathy and psychology


Rehabilitation doesn’t happen overnight

Psychosis can give anyone a fright

A kind word helped me to recover

I gave it a name to heal another