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Give It A Name

Words tumbling around in my head

An underlying persistent sense of dread

A poem is a poem full of expression

Feelings unsaid lead to depression

If I can’t feel poetry I don’t feel life’s force

Ending silence naturally opens up doors

Survival has a way of making me speak

I’ll stand and shout from the highest peak

Change is inevitable just like the seasons

The unknown exists for many reasons

I am the child who was once afraid of death

Maintaining composure with a single breath

Deep inside my horror show of screams

It was dark for what seemed like forever

I was oh so young and not so clever

Now new life has fallen into my hands

My heart has yearned for distant lands

I am awoken to the voice of my own legacy

To pass on what I know with diplomacy

I am a leader in my own right

Unless provoked I need not fight

The world needs human kindness

It’s the only way to fix this madness

Left behind by the atrocities of the past

What the terrors of slavery have left to last

Look at what is happening to our youth

Locked up for simply telling their truth

There isn’t anyone to listen

In a psychotic break or a stay in prison

Judged and labelled with pathology

They need empathy and psychology


Rehabilitation doesn’t happen overnight

Psychosis can give anyone a fright

A kind word helped me to recover

I gave it a name to heal another


Patience is Key

In a world of mystery
This beautiful sight
Under ancient wisdom
Shall make sense
Of the shadow
Inside forbidden wars
Making me blind
To a certain fall!

Just like sugar candy
That sweet black cat
Sang little songs
While the devil played
My heart with joy
As the moonlight shone
Truth all over my soul
Crying patience is key!

Make It All Count | Free Reading

Allow yourself to live a little. If it isn’t working let it loose.  Life is full of abundance.  Although it seems hard now, you are laying down the foundations for a brighter tomorrow.  Quit worrying, you will have enough to pay your bills.  Love is in the air! You may meet someone new through your work, or your love life simply takes a positive turn for the better, with a deeper commitment.  Why should you carry the burden alone anymore?  Give yourself permission to talk about what is on your mind; it lightens the load when you can reach out to others.

Our Goddess promises that you will see recompense for all of your efforts, none of them will be laid bare.  If you are unhappy, you are the only one who can do anything about it.  However, timing is imperative for good results.  Patience is the key.  Nevertheless, this does not mean that one should lie down and wait forever.  There comes a time when you need to accept the truth, the reality of your life, and the situations it chooses to throw in your path to strengthen you.

Have you been battered?  Have you been hurt?  Have you doubted your own existence? Has life punched you in the gut many times?  Have you ever felt worthless?  How much do you want success?  What are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams?  Surrender, submit to opportunity, and listen to your higher consciousness.  The battle is within your mind, but true peace comes from a place deep within. If you can find that space inside where you can rest, when the world around you seems to be falling apart, and chaos ensues all around, you will survive. Follow your heart; you will gain more from clearing your chakras, and your life, of all negative influences, and getting some group therapy.

Listen to your instinct, go wherever your soul guides.  We never know the reasons why things happen, but I do know that everything happens for a reason.  I must learn to let go, my physical health depends on it.  When your back is against the wall, and your options are few, what are you going to do?  Do not waste any more time chasing other people’s dreams, focus on yourself, and give it your best shot.  What have you got to lose? Haven’t you lost enough already?  You have made the decision, now trust, and jump without a safety net, work your ass off, block out the naysayers, have faith, and make every single effort count.

I Choose To Be Free

i choose to be free

Choices and decisions
Lucid night visions
Clarity impeding my brain
Sanity seizing my mind

No chains; no bind
No attachment necessary
To blend in with mankind
Expression makes me

Free to laugh
Free to cry
Free to dance
Free to die

Free to rage
Free to inherit
Free to bathe
Free to serve

Whoever I choose
I am free
No need to hide

To create my reality
To be free

What will you choose to be?

I Rise

i rise

A page a day
Keeps the doctor away
As do elevated divisions of
Seasoned clarity and
Pathetic attempts to
Process thinking
Placing passages
Into context of my
Imagination’s wild belief
Extraordinary innocence
The abuse is still laid bare
Mood swings and aggression
I cannot tolerate the
Taste for complete control
Blame or bitterness
Inside these walls
I sleep, I wake, I rest
Inside these walls
Is my sanctuary where
I tear down my fears



On this musical journey
Of self-expression
Emotions rise and fall
With the metaphysical forces
Of moon and sea

On my page there is
No concern about
How I am going to
Get my words out
Without being judged
For what I have to say

Paper tree listen to me
You know I yearn
For serenity
My mind bounces
To a rhythm of its own
It steps in time
To the beat of my own drum

If this love affair
Goes according to plan
I’ll sit, write, and sing
Mastering this new world
Cause I can
I have tools
That exceed
My reason

Music no longer is
A private frustration
In this melodic world
I want to be
Navigating desire
To the point of fire
Roaming the wilderness
With this hunger
For lyrical pleasure
Will it disintegrate
It’s never too late
To learn

Let the record spin
Play me sounds
I can take in
Let my spirit digest
Every note, crotchet, and minim
Let it dance on the horizon
Of my breast
Arousing the deep need in me
Sweet music therapy
Break my shackles of slavery
They are dropping off fast
I beg this moment last
Soothe me music
Like only you can

I sojourn to discover
Who I am and where
I have come from
Slow jams make me
Want to grind
Classical tunes get me in
The mood
Rhythm and blues
Cools my mind and
Funky garage keeps me
Going all through the night

No matter what style
The sensations can go miles
Mmmmmmmm, saxophone jazz
Artistic block happens
Yet only for a time
Now I am free to share
What I have gained
Down there in my dark
Well of creative paralysis

I have scratched the brick walls
I struggled to clamber up and out
Now I’ve no doubt
That melody, lyrics, and sound
Will always bring me back to the ground
Where my Goddess resides
Rocking my attention to trancelike bliss
Not once did she leave me in need
I believe as long as I draw breath
She never will

Merciless Masquerade


What you did then
Do you think it fair
It is true that you don’t care
Joyful or sad
Just leave me alone
Seize prowling for me
I was broken already so
What is the meaning of
Your futile efforts
That never broke me
I refused to give up
My spirit was ever strong
I nurtured to succumb
I will fight you if
You ignore my call
To make me happy
What a fool I was
To listen to you
Where is me
Who am I
I am still here
You are not enough
One love succeeds
I’ve said and done things
Though I believed in you
But enough of your lies now
Quit reeking with my head
And playing havoc with mind
This love is blown to smithereens
In this merciless masquerade