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Pilgrim Sistar’s Progress

A game of chance
Roulette of the heart
No time for child’s play
I know what I want
And I’m not taking
Dirt ‘from foot bottom’
I can satisfy me
But I still need
Love and affection
I drown myself
In a lake of guilt
When you flow
Your own way
It doesn’t matter
What I say.
Simply a case of being
Blinded by circumstance
I allowed soul penetration
I’m the one wounded now
Stepped out of the picture
I feel stupid for loving ya.
It’s my season for reason cause
Resurrection of ambition passes
Through me and
Arouses my intellect
Stimulates my cerebral
Like me barren land longs
To be sheltered
From the scorching sun
Come baby come
Come baby come
Come baby come


Dry your eyes
Tears spilt are a
Blessing in disguise
Don’t be deceived
By negativity’s lies
What did one expect?
To feel in this web
of black skies.
Knowing where I’m
Coming from don’t
Make your difference
I’m sick of pretense
This bitch is on defense
Harrass me
Yeah I’ll let ya
Cause I believe in
Karma – Honey
What goes up must
Always comes down.
Even tho it’s insanity’s
Wish to impart hurt
It’s shreddin my heart
In tiny pieces that can
Only to be put together
In forensic labs
I get it I’m finally
Seeing sense
All this time
I never knew
Sex and love
Had their difference
The lamb done
Bleed out on
The slaughter alter
It’s done dead ‘kaput’
‘Iyanla’ would say
‘There’s value in the valley’
Of the shadow of death


At times too
It’s hard to take
In breath and
Draw the good
From the bad
I hurt but I’ll
Live and continue
To give it’s my nature
I’ll never hate but
The gate to my heaven
Is firmly closed
No more passionate thro’s
Streams thaw in spring
Once winter freeze
Has passed
Something’s don’t last
It’s not about mistakes
It’s what we learn
From them
Living in limbo
Isn’t good enough
I’ve had it too rough
And won’t be driven
Down nomoe by
Situations I have created
I can’t comprehend
The consequence of
The Pilgrim Sistar’s Progress’
It may be arduous but we
Will get there in the end.