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Her body lies helpless and cold,
No life in her eyes or limbs.
Water has taken her over,
Her hair is tangled and worn.
Years of desperation
Have taken their toll.

The reeds of the river offer no comfort,
As the river flows into the unknown
At least now she is free
Cycles of life rise and fall.
With the dawn another atom
Destroyed by the sound of her voice.

Decisions – Decisions?
Which way will it be?
I struggle to understand the mystery
Hidden within myself.
Amongst the treasure of this earth
What have I found?

Sun, moon, stars all gather around!
This time your beckoning
Has not fallen on deaf ears.
She sleeps but no longer breathes.
Her blood is black beneath her skin.
The stream of existence trickles

Into inevitability,
To meet the sea of passion,
Which is now a distant memory.