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On this musical journey
Of self-expression
Emotions rise and fall
With the metaphysical forces
Of moon and sea

On my page there is
No concern about
How I am going to
Get my words out
Without being judged
For what I have to say

Paper tree listen to me
You know I yearn
For serenity
My mind bounces
To a rhythm of its own
It steps in time
To the beat of my own drum

If this love affair
Goes according to plan
I’ll sit, write, and sing
Mastering this new world
Cause I can
I have tools
That exceed
My reason

Music no longer is
A private frustration
In this melodic world
I want to be
Navigating desire
To the point of fire
Roaming the wilderness
With this hunger
For lyrical pleasure
Will it disintegrate
It’s never too late
To learn

Let the record spin
Play me sounds
I can take in
Let my spirit digest
Every note, crotchet, and minim
Let it dance on the horizon
Of my breast
Arousing the deep need in me
Sweet music therapy
Break my shackles of slavery
They are dropping off fast
I beg this moment last
Soothe me music
Like only you can

I sojourn to discover
Who I am and where
I have come from
Slow jams make me
Want to grind
Classical tunes get me in
The mood
Rhythm and blues
Cools my mind and
Funky garage keeps me
Going all through the night

No matter what style
The sensations can go miles
Mmmmmmmm, saxophone jazz
Artistic block happens
Yet only for a time
Now I am free to share
What I have gained
Down there in my dark
Well of creative paralysis

I have scratched the brick walls
I struggled to clamber up and out
Now I’ve no doubt
That melody, lyrics, and sound
Will always bring me back to the ground
Where my Goddess resides
Rocking my attention to trancelike bliss
Not once did she leave me in need
I believe as long as I draw breath
She never will