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I Don’t Give A Fuck


Awake, awake, awake!
Teach me to feel safe,
Shadows beckoned out of
Nature’s bliss.
Wanna be touched,
But never been courted,
Wishing fervently that
My mind be relaxed.

Friendship seems dearer,
Every day,
Another kiss on my cheek,
Watching for nothing.
Everybody’s talking.
Red blood spurted,
Slowly beat, beating.
I can’t give a fuck.

There’s something sexy,
Something awakened in me,
Only loved while he became.
Lover, oh my soul,
Every tree,
Surely dying,
Lovely, beloved promises now.

Angels and demons,
Forever Sophia observing,
Machine guns,
Talking money,
Drugs, sex.
No rock or roll.

Life has changed direction
I am I, ain’t no joke baby
Against the odds.
How great thou art,
Keep your head up,
Please don’t cry.
Cause, I don’t give a fuck!