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Deal With It | Free Spiritual Reading

It’s all about balance, harmony, and nurturing life-giving water for our thirsty souls. A state of grace where you reach a balance between the spiritual and physical worlds. A peaceful state that can never be attained without deep struggle and intense consideration. You are seeking a union between the conscious and unconscious forces of life. You have to keep dreaming about potential and hope.

If you can’t imagine your future how you want it, how can you possibly create it? It’s time to challenge yourself, take your fantasies and transform them into your living reality. Outlandish daydreams will appear and disappear when you consider them in the light of reality. Dream a little dream and it will become strong and true. Your creativity, love, and beauty are associated with Power.

True power lies in the ability to choose between violence and peace at the right time. Often when we wish to express power it can come across as a reaction rather than an action. Remember that the more powerful a person, the less power they need to use. Your creative endeavours have expanded out into the world.

Your final goal is in sight; however, much work is still required. As great as success can be, it too can come with its own new self-doubts and tensions, which can feel overwhelming to say the least at times. Somebody in authority can help you work through this, but at the end of the day, you need to accept that it is time for you to start leading others.