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Bring On The Renaissance


Can you tell me what happened?
What do you think caused chaos?
Why do we assume this and that?
Whose life is full of sunlight rays?
Sweet child tell them your story.
About the renaissance!

It happened before you knew it.
Chaos flooded you with clarity,
Another man hath been ordained.
Where is your faith?
Where is your sting?
Where is the renaissance?

Can I believe you?
Whenever will be better.
There’s always tomorrow,
Still love grows stronger.
And I’ve been reminiscing,
About the renaissance.

Some people want accomplices,
I want my heart to sing.
Like the leaves that allure;
Burning passion until the end,
I need not pretend to know,
When was the renaissance?

To see this strange adventure,
The sweet smell of confusion,
Trying to make the most of life.
I remember you love me,
In a land so far away.
Do they know of the renaissance?

No secret chambers where thou art,
Nor any abjectness of heart.
Without you there is something.
The world is not so cruel.
Why should I fear death?
Beyond the grave there’s renaissance.

The world will be natural
In my heart and soul.
He was always here.
For her love was mine,
I have seen them come close.
Now I am the renaissance!