Sometimes I wonder If It Hurts

love hurts

Sometimes I wonder if it hurts.
Something beautiful within,
From whence unsavoury vapours,
Never knew their mighty power.
Thus I beheld another night,
Oh stars before me mounting,
Until death fidelity!

Sometimes I wonder if it’s just
Another chapter closing.
It’s bucketing blood and bespattered bones.
Don’t matter much,
Even sorrow flows;
Against treacherous beauty.
Through tangled tears,
You look proud
Remembering everything.
Suddenly success
Lies woman prone!

Sometimes I wonder
Beneath misfortunes forgetting,
Love beyond imagination.
Maybe there’s a sanctuary unseen
In your eyes babylove.
With me today,
Before time is altered.
When death itself untaught,
Long ago between heaven and hell.

Sometimes I wonder if my
Reflection twas nothing but
A little girl running down
Freedom fighters lane.
Where all that remains
Between change and forever,
Is simply commitment to duty!
What if happiness
Was born again,
With self-praise?

Sometimes I wonder if he
Knew my struggles beneath
All her charms divine.
Would he be crowned?
Which maketh holy ground?
Like music offstage,
Sometimes I wonder
Is it age falling on me,
Like silver, moon swept
Drops of rain?


Eternal Fire


Has power loved nature with her kindly law?
Among life’s beautiful movie theatre.
From nowhere till daybreak where laughter echoes.

Comeliness agrees water washes away evil.
Despite divergence, despite religion, despite caste.
Somewhere down below, around and up above

Remember me when everything speaks volumes,
There’s no time better than now love has arrived.
Perhaps he invoked shadows of my eternal fire!

I Don’t Give A Fuck


Awake, awake, awake!
Teach me to feel safe,
Shadows beckoned out of
Nature’s bliss.
Wanna be touched,
But never been courted,
Wishing fervently that
My mind be relaxed.

Friendship seems dearer,
Every day,
Another kiss on my cheek,
Watching for nothing.
Everybody’s talking.
Red blood spurted,
Slowly beat, beating.
I can’t give a fuck.

There’s something sexy,
Something awakened in me,
Only loved while he became.
Lover, oh my soul,
Every tree,
Surely dying,
Lovely, beloved promises now.

Angels and demons,
Forever Sophia observing,
Machine guns,
Talking money,
Drugs, sex.
No rock or roll.

Life has changed direction
I am I, ain’t no joke baby
Against the odds.
How great thou art,
Keep your head up,
Please don’t cry.
Cause, I don’t give a fuck!

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