As Nature Intended

Happiness awaits around
The corner of my existence
Like a dead man
Walking green mile

Hitting milestones then
Losing sight of the plan
Blinded by a vision of
A future self whose

History has left a bitter
Sweet taste in my mouth
Not one of victory
Vibes, or emotions

But the very fibre of me
Yearning to be caressed
Deep on the inside
Where I need to feel safe

Will I let down my guard
Maybe if the water is warm
I may succumb to
Temptation like many

Have done before
My body can be subdued
However my mind
Cannot be contained

It takes a moment for
Kindness to have a voice
One who whispers
Telling me worrying

Tossing turning
Inside a blackness
Terrifies the living
Daylights out of me

Where will I go
Who will I meet
If I stop to read the script
Flipped how Nature intended


Help Me Save Me From Me

I’m too close to give up now
Within I scream to quit
Too far to lose hope
It’s hard to cope
Spill these tears I feel
What do I want?
Is this is it
Can I face myself another day
Continuous questions
What if I don’t make it?
Panic rides me like a horse
I try to kick him off
He clings for dear life
This inner game is hard
The outer one a façade
Fire in my head
Horizon of my mind
Stop questioning live instead
Morality is not determined
By outer limits

Help me I’m falling
Into the black hole of self
Reach in rescue me
Help me I’m drowning in disbelief
I wish I could see what
You see when you look at me
Help me see what you see
Cause you don’t see my history
Only who I’m supposed to be
Help! Please! save me from me

From insanity to freedom
Step closer to the dream
Journey’s end, blurred vision
Nightmares with which to contend
Direction is never failure
Keep moving
Progress to the next level
Insanity threatens future
Mimic normality
Invisible torture
Seen through soul’s eyes
Distant hurts banged up
For bad behaviour
Set the scene make it vivid
Translucent hearts on one course
Fighting to emerge
From phantom delusion


Inside your mind there’s a landslide
You ain’t equipped to
Deal with what you’ve created
That green eyed monster has showed herself
Who or what you are you can’t decide
I’ve had it with your love it’s so dated
What did you expect when you put me on that shelf
To shrivel up and expire
Is it a crime to desire
Soul solace to break this hold?

You know I’m too old
To be stressing over a child
Who cannot accept she’s wild
Why must I hide what I trust
I said you’ll never see my pretty face
Or my sensual body ever feel
Baby you have no idea
This avalanche is for real
I’d love to spray your eyes with mace
So you totally understand the deal

I ain’t’ willing to spill another tear
I’m fixing up my game
I hope you do the same
My denial has taught me a valuable lesson
I’ve broken out of mental prison
Encapsulated by your smile
It took only a short while
The dark clouds have dispelled
No more chemicals please
I’m seeking a natural buzz

I’m shy when I’m not high
Crooked and twisted you got me
But hindsight imprints a powerful message
Reflecting right back in the mirror
Of divine decree dictating
The path I should follow
The inner knowledge
Speaks clearly to my heart
Screaming it’s time
For a brand new start

Dream Big

Dreams can come true
For you for me
Look into your heart
And see
There’s a time
And a place
For everything
Dream on
Dream big
Take hold of sanity
All I want
All we want
Is to be free
There’s a time
And a place
For everything
Dream on
Dream big

Aim high
Reach for the sky
Life can slow you down
But you gotta
Keep those hopes alive

Dream big my brother
Dream big my sister
Children dream big

There’s a time
And a place
For everything
Dream on
Dream big
Dream on
Dream big

Make It All Count | Free Reading

Allow yourself to live a little. If it isn’t working let it loose.  Life is full of abundance.  Although it seems hard now, you are laying down the foundations for a brighter tomorrow.  Quit worrying, you will have enough to pay your bills.  Love is in the air! You may meet someone new through your work, or your love life simply takes a positive turn for the better, with a deeper commitment.  Why should you carry the burden alone anymore?  Give yourself permission to talk about what is on your mind; it lightens the load when you can reach out to others.

Our Goddess promises that you will see recompense for all of your efforts, none of them will be laid bare.  If you are unhappy, you are the only one who can do anything about it.  However, timing is imperative for good results.  Patience is the key.  Nevertheless, this does not mean that one should lie down and wait forever.  There comes a time when you need to accept the truth, the reality of your life, and the situations it chooses to throw in your path to strengthen you.

Have you been battered?  Have you been hurt?  Have you doubted your own existence? Has life punched you in the gut many times?  Have you ever felt worthless?  How much do you want success?  What are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams?  Surrender, submit to opportunity, and listen to your higher consciousness.  The battle is within your mind, but true peace comes from a place deep within. If you can find that space inside where you can rest, when the world around you seems to be falling apart, and chaos ensues all around, you will survive. Follow your heart; you will gain more from clearing your chakras, and your life, of all negative influences, and getting some group therapy.

Listen to your instinct, go wherever your soul guides.  We never know the reasons why things happen, but I do know that everything happens for a reason.  I must learn to let go, my physical health depends on it.  When your back is against the wall, and your options are few, what are you going to do?  Do not waste any more time chasing other people’s dreams, focus on yourself, and give it your best shot.  What have you got to lose? Haven’t you lost enough already?  You have made the decision, now trust, and jump without a safety net, work your ass off, block out the naysayers, have faith, and make every single effort count.

Prodigal Daughter

I’ve been wondering round
For many years now
Not knowing about
My purpose in life
I came to you to thaw me
From this ice
Which keeps me in
This messed up state of mind
I can’t forget
The way you comforted me
When I thought my
Whole world would fall apart
My mind went AWAL
But it did not crack
You put me together
Now I’m coming back

You feel me
Understand my pain
You give me
The strength to live on
You are the one Jah
Now lead me home

Sacrificed years now
It’s time for what’s mine
I thought my existence
Would shallow fry my brain
Some doubted my virtue
Dignity they drained
I wouldn’t change a thing
I love the power I’ve gained
I have to hunt
What makes me smile
And have that inner
Laughter ring in my ears
I can’t always
Have what I crave
Jah is all I need
I’m not the same

You felt me
Understood my pain
You gave me
The strength to live on
I couldn’t go on
Doing it on my own
I needed you Jah
To lead me home

Jah healed me
Understood my pain
Jah gives me
The strength to go on
Every day
Jah is my master
I am home
Thank you Jah
For guiding me back

Beyond The Surface

What do you see when you look at me
A beautiful face to please your eyes
Is it my hips that swing when I walk
Do you want to run your fingers up my thighs
I make every effort to maintain natural beauty
To enhance my sex appeal
Watch my lips as I talk

If your interest is superficial
I can’t have any part of it
I’m looking something deep, mental, and spiritual
A bond to stand the test of time
If I was your woman would you be there
To hold me when times get rough
If it’s just my body you want
I’m sorry it’s not enough

There’s much more to this girl
Than your physical eyes can see
I’ve been roaming the deserted plains of restlessness
Searching for the man of my dreams
Sexual escapades of the fling kind
No longer satisfy
My spirit seeks an angel to
Bring tidings of joy and tranquillity
To ease this onset of insanity

Look into the windows of my soul
And accept me as a whole
Can’t separate love, lust, passion, creativity
They’re married together
Splitting them up in an attempt to satiate others
Makes no sense as they’re all part of myself
The wisdom of years has taught me

Even though I yearn to feel
You deep inside, smell your skin next to mine
Get low down dirty and sexual
Appetite of mine I have to control until the right time
I think about you constantly your driving me crazy
Oh the things we do inside my fantasy
Would make my mother shake, shudder and scream
Baby I want you in more ways than one

You stimulate my intellect
My temperature rises within close proximity
I wanna pounce like a panther does her prey
Calling forth the power of ecstasy and energy
What will be will be wait and see
Sense must prevail but desire is killing me
Am I losing my mind

I’m distracted I want you
Watch my body speak to you
It’s for real boo it is true
I’m clearly in love with you


Trying to make amends
But memories persist
To take me to ends
Where only dreams exist

Music is my life
I can’t live without it
Minds collide in strife
I’ve gone too far too quit

Where’s the whisper
Of expression, that lifts
A moment to inspire
While surviving hell’s licks

The grievance was innocence
That resides within every child
Through constant negligence
This kid’s gone wild

The spirit of the strong
Doesn’t break so easy
The passage seems long
I’m terribly queasy

I know I got to get deeper
Inside myself to find peace
I need a doctor
Not of the physical kind

Spiritual healing in mind
Clarity essential, comfort paramount
Focus impossible – can’t unwind
Concentrate – don’t lose count

Many decisions to make
So afraid of the outcome
How much can I take
Of not being true to number one

Darkness threatens elements
Hidden in long forgotten tombs
Run far from these torments
Away from all the doom

Come now little one
What you running from
In you it’s gone numb
Realise what you’ve become

There is nowhere to run
To escape the anguish
In your head – ho hum
No crime to wish

I’ll stay on the manor
To maintain innocence
My babies need me near
It so requires patience

I’ll not let them go through
The nightmare that constantly flashes
Reminding me daily to be true
To myself and keep flicking my lashes

Without an outlet to offer relief
An attempt is closer
Than fighting all the time with
Rage, pain and that nasty anger

Like I said: music is my life
I can’t live without it
If I’m not singing I’ll always be
Shouting – take it away then
You take away my innocence

Work and Wait | Free Reading

Generous and protective forces are surrounding you during this time of complete surrender, you realise you cannot control everything. Life continues to move on, time never stops for anyone. You must confront inertia and strike back. Why be miserable when you can simply change your perspective and start enjoying your life again to the fullest, right now.  Yes, it is true that ‘knock backs’ can be hard to overcome and have a way of stealing years of your life.

Nevertheless, choice is your power.  Having the privilege to choose your next step, the right to stand up and speak your truth is a conscious choice.  When life ‘sucker punches’ you in the gut, what do you do?  Do you lay there and give up, or do you take the blows and learn to be an expert combative fighter for what you want?  There is no crime in wanting to enjoy the pleasures that this world has to offer.  You can have your piece of the pie if you are ready to liberate yourself and do what it takes to make your dreams happen.

If you have been feeling a sense of suffering, lack and deprivation this phase is not going to last much longer.  Continue to work as hard as you have been and you will  move into prosperity.  Prepare the ground, then scatter seeds of growth and you will certainly see your flowers bloom almost like magick.  This is the calm before the successful culmination of your new venture.  My Ancestors promise that determination and hard work will pay off.  You have already travelled a long and arduous journey to get reach this happy space. Now all you need to do is work and wait!

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