Battlefield of My Mind

Today the sun is hidden
Sky dark and silent
Today I will make the most
Of this magical dimness
Today my glass is half full
My body has its own wisdom
Today I must rest
Though it goes on around me
Today I shall strive for success
And know that I am stronger
Today I can be all I can be
I put my mind to my plan
Today I need calm to still my soul
Many demands on my time
Today I want to stay in bed longer
Physically tired and stressed
Today I will honour my body
With some gentle exercise
Today I will breathe deeply
Allowing the world pass me by
Today I refuse to let the egocentrics
Of others mess with my vibe
Today I realise I can only be
Responsible for myself
Today I see it was not my fault
I can’t control their reactions
Today I can’t wave my wand
I need the healing
Today I understand more about
What it means to be free
Today I see no conspiracy
My world is my making
Today I wear my armour
My mind is the battlefield
Today I am ready to fight for
Freedom from mental slavery
Today I choose to minimise
Live love and enjoy life
Today I am much wiser
Is that all you have got?


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