Help Me Save Me From Me

I’m too close to give up now
Within I scream to quit
Too far to lose hope
It’s hard to cope
Spill these tears I feel
What do I want?
Is this is it
Can I face myself another day
Continuous questions
What if I don’t make it?
Panic rides me like a horse
I try to kick him off
He clings for dear life
This inner game is hard
The outer one a façade
Fire in my head
Horizon of my mind
Stop questioning live instead
Morality is not determined
By outer limits

Help me I’m falling
Into the black hole of self
Reach in rescue me
Help me I’m drowning in disbelief
I wish I could see what
You see when you look at me
Help me see what you see
Cause you don’t see my history
Only who I’m supposed to be
Help! Please! save me from me

From insanity to freedom
Step closer to the dream
Journey’s end, blurred vision
Nightmares with which to contend
Direction is never failure
Keep moving
Progress to the next level
Insanity threatens future
Mimic normality
Invisible torture
Seen through soul’s eyes
Distant hurts banged up
For bad behaviour
Set the scene make it vivid
Translucent hearts on one course
Fighting to emerge
From phantom delusion


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