Inside your mind there’s a landslide
You ain’t equipped to
Deal with what you’ve created
That green eyed monster has showed herself
Who or what you are you can’t decide
I’ve had it with your love it’s so dated
What did you expect when you put me on that shelf
To shrivel up and expire
Is it a crime to desire
Soul solace to break this hold?

You know I’m too old
To be stressing over a child
Who cannot accept she’s wild
Why must I hide what I trust
I said you’ll never see my pretty face
Or my sensual body ever feel
Baby you have no idea
This avalanche is for real
I’d love to spray your eyes with mace
So you totally understand the deal

I ain’t’ willing to spill another tear
I’m fixing up my game
I hope you do the same
My denial has taught me a valuable lesson
I’ve broken out of mental prison
Encapsulated by your smile
It took only a short while
The dark clouds have dispelled
No more chemicals please
I’m seeking a natural buzz

I’m shy when I’m not high
Crooked and twisted you got me
But hindsight imprints a powerful message
Reflecting right back in the mirror
Of divine decree dictating
The path I should follow
The inner knowledge
Speaks clearly to my heart
Screaming it’s time
For a brand new start


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