Prodigal Daughter

I’ve been wondering round
For many years now
Not knowing about
My purpose in life
I came to you to thaw me
From this ice
Which keeps me in
This messed up state of mind
I can’t forget
The way you comforted me
When I thought my
Whole world would fall apart
My mind went AWAL
But it did not crack
You put me together
Now I’m coming back

You feel me
Understand my pain
You give me
The strength to live on
You are the one Jah
Now lead me home

Sacrificed years now
It’s time for what’s mine
I thought my existence
Would shallow fry my brain
Some doubted my virtue
Dignity they drained
I wouldn’t change a thing
I love the power I’ve gained
I have to hunt
What makes me smile
And have that inner
Laughter ring in my ears
I can’t always
Have what I crave
Jah is all I need
I’m not the same

You felt me
Understood my pain
You gave me
The strength to live on
I couldn’t go on
Doing it on my own
I needed you Jah
To lead me home

Jah healed me
Understood my pain
Jah gives me
The strength to go on
Every day
Jah is my master
I am home
Thank you Jah
For guiding me back


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