Beyond The Surface

What do you see when you look at me
A beautiful face to please your eyes
Is it my hips that swing when I walk
Do you want to run your fingers up my thighs
I make every effort to maintain natural beauty
To enhance my sex appeal
Watch my lips as I talk

If your interest is superficial
I can’t have any part of it
I’m looking something deep, mental, and spiritual
A bond to stand the test of time
If I was your woman would you be there
To hold me when times get rough
If it’s just my body you want
I’m sorry it’s not enough

There’s much more to this girl
Than your physical eyes can see
I’ve been roaming the deserted plains of restlessness
Searching for the man of my dreams
Sexual escapades of the fling kind
No longer satisfy
My spirit seeks an angel to
Bring tidings of joy and tranquillity
To ease this onset of insanity

Look into the windows of my soul
And accept me as a whole
Can’t separate love, lust, passion, creativity
They’re married together
Splitting them up in an attempt to satiate others
Makes no sense as they’re all part of myself
The wisdom of years has taught me

Even though I yearn to feel
You deep inside, smell your skin next to mine
Get low down dirty and sexual
Appetite of mine I have to control until the right time
I think about you constantly your driving me crazy
Oh the things we do inside my fantasy
Would make my mother shake, shudder and scream
Baby I want you in more ways than one

You stimulate my intellect
My temperature rises within close proximity
I wanna pounce like a panther does her prey
Calling forth the power of ecstasy and energy
What will be will be wait and see
Sense must prevail but desire is killing me
Am I losing my mind

I’m distracted I want you
Watch my body speak to you
It’s for real boo it is true
I’m clearly in love with you


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