Trying to make amends
But memories persist
To take me to ends
Where only dreams exist

Music is my life
I can’t live without it
Minds collide in strife
I’ve gone too far too quit

Where’s the whisper
Of expression, that lifts
A moment to inspire
While surviving hell’s licks

The grievance was innocence
That resides within every child
Through constant negligence
This kid’s gone wild

The spirit of the strong
Doesn’t break so easy
The passage seems long
I’m terribly queasy

I know I got to get deeper
Inside myself to find peace
I need a doctor
Not of the physical kind

Spiritual healing in mind
Clarity essential, comfort paramount
Focus impossible – can’t unwind
Concentrate – don’t lose count

Many decisions to make
So afraid of the outcome
How much can I take
Of not being true to number one

Darkness threatens elements
Hidden in long forgotten tombs
Run far from these torments
Away from all the doom

Come now little one
What you running from
In you it’s gone numb
Realise what you’ve become

There is nowhere to run
To escape the anguish
In your head – ho hum
No crime to wish

I’ll stay on the manor
To maintain innocence
My babies need me near
It so requires patience

I’ll not let them go through
The nightmare that constantly flashes
Reminding me daily to be true
To myself and keep flicking my lashes

Without an outlet to offer relief
An attempt is closer
Than fighting all the time with
Rage, pain and that nasty anger

Like I said: music is my life
I can’t live without it
If I’m not singing I’ll always be
Shouting – take it away then
You take away my innocence


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