Work and Wait | Free Reading

Generous and protective forces are surrounding you during this time of complete surrender, you realise you cannot control everything. Life continues to move on, time never stops for anyone. You must confront inertia and strike back. Why be miserable when you can simply change your perspective and start enjoying your life again to the fullest, right now.  Yes, it is true that ‘knock backs’ can be hard to overcome and have a way of stealing years of your life.

Nevertheless, choice is your power.  Having the privilege to choose your next step, the right to stand up and speak your truth is a conscious choice.  When life ‘sucker punches’ you in the gut, what do you do?  Do you lay there and give up, or do you take the blows and learn to be an expert combative fighter for what you want?  There is no crime in wanting to enjoy the pleasures that this world has to offer.  You can have your piece of the pie if you are ready to liberate yourself and do what it takes to make your dreams happen.

If you have been feeling a sense of suffering, lack and deprivation this phase is not going to last much longer.  Continue to work as hard as you have been and you will  move into prosperity.  Prepare the ground, then scatter seeds of growth and you will certainly see your flowers bloom almost like magick.  This is the calm before the successful culmination of your new venture.  My Ancestors promise that determination and hard work will pay off.  You have already travelled a long and arduous journey to get reach this happy space. Now all you need to do is work and wait!

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