Obsolete voices
A sense of dread
Run or fight
To savour a dark cloud
Its close gather round
Blemishes of reason
Naked shapes and sizes
Never land stories
Gypsies and witches
Warlocks and bitches
Teasing me insane
Permanent premonitions dancing
Up and down my tongue
Fresh green leaaves blossom
Nurture my little one
Rat a tat tat just like that
Energies surpassing the tide
Ethereal winds blowing
Straight into my mind
No warning to cope
Carrots dangling on rope
Without a face
Yet I Am invisible
Bubbling beneath
Saving face
Mother, mother
Spew from my eyes
Expire this toxic pain
This volcano of
My memories
Longing contact
To feel something
Spoken words
Taken for granted
No time, no peace
White noise screaming
The fear pounding
Me to forget
Neglect and abuse,
My life’s not a waste
I’ve more steam yet
Yet zero tolerance
I despise withered dope
I Survived
You started
So you finish
Inside my transition
of blind desire
Somewhere, I care
No, I don’t
Hungry voices calling
Shouting loaded words
No disguise
No squeeze
Voices chatter
Whispering nothing
Cussing me vex
1st dynasty my history’s voice
In aggressions embrace
Silence hear me
Better to pretend
I feel no voice or
Expression inside
Voices of guiding insight
Showing me where
To channel it
Surprised by sick minds
Real or fake assumptions
Their mistake
Their made bed
Wake up my glory
Who are you oppressing
Energy is my case
I’ll pass when you wake
Laughing children
Bring emotions up
Salty eyes of voices past
Love’s thoughts
Voice’s sacrifice
You are my art
Voices of sanity
Close yet so far
You come around
Scars mark roads ahead
Daughters and mothers
Sisters, brothers
Sons and fathers
Patriarchs and lovers
Recovery is love
Love is courage
Sorrow is death
Living is another day


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