I Remember


I sit here quietly in all sincerity
Under pressure and sick again
The way things happen tomorrow
Money and mansions gleaming bright
Look around this concrete jungle
Memories haunt near forgotten dreams.

Nothing can stop me from loving
Though many fail few can hope to
Climb the mountain with nothing left
But happiness that is fleeting and fragile
I am trusting in me to fight
The power that has fallen.

I have seen Babylon’s strength
I  have been blinded by its anger
Everything grew dark
Whatever happened to me
I’m always thinking of you
I got a little game that i want to play.

Perhaps people will emancipate themselves
Suppose we choose to answer honestly
And everything that hurts converts words
Into songs that nobody has ever heard
Don’t tell them I remember what they did to me
I can afford to feel but I remember.

Life offers comfort in times of exasperation
Without any reasons to speak of it again
I’ll take my chances with nothing but beginnings
Though it feels like I’m losing my insanity
I know it’s late in the afternoon but
There’s a sudden a knock knock a knocking.

I remember the chapter closing and
all fear falling asleep without valium
I remember when I was a maiden fair;
When the spirit kissed my breath
I remember bygone days of magick
Beneath the old hollow chestnut tree.


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