Sometimes I wonder If It Hurts

love hurts

Sometimes I wonder if it hurts.
Something beautiful within,
From whence unsavoury vapours,
Never knew their mighty power.
Thus I beheld another night,
Oh stars before me mounting,
Until death fidelity!

Sometimes I wonder if it’s just
Another chapter closing.
It’s bucketing blood and bespattered bones.
Don’t matter much,
Even sorrow flows;
Against treacherous beauty.
Through tangled tears,
You look proud
Remembering everything.
Suddenly success
Lies woman prone!

Sometimes I wonder
Beneath misfortunes forgetting,
Love beyond imagination.
Maybe there’s a sanctuary unseen
In your eyes babylove.
With me today,
Before time is altered.
When death itself untaught,
Long ago between heaven and hell.

Sometimes I wonder if my
Reflection twas nothing but
A little girl running down
Freedom fighters lane.
Where all that remains
Between change and forever,
Is simply commitment to duty!
What if happiness
Was born again,
With self-praise?

Sometimes I wonder if he
Knew my struggles beneath
All her charms divine.
Would he be crowned?
Which maketh holy ground?
Like music offstage,
Sometimes I wonder
Is it age falling on me,
Like silver, moon swept
Drops of rain?


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